Tummy pain

“Sore tummy!” So many children have tummy pain. They say I’ve got a sore tummy or My tummy’s sore .
This is so common that mostly these symptoms are ignored or explained away as attention seeking.






I have found that the majority of these children with chronic abdominal pain are affected by gluten sensitivity. They have high IgG-gliadin antibodies, and get better when they go gluten-free.

Their pains are real and need investigation

Unhappily, many paediatricians still believe the writings about tummy pains of the 1960s. About 50 years ago it was stated by children’s doctors that a child complaining about a tummy pain was being bad or naughty . Their discomfort and pain was dismissed as nothing serious they’ll grow out of it .

But I totally disagree. I know that their tummy pains are real and need attention. These children need help and understanding with their symptoms. They need investigation and treatment.

Often these pains are caused by food allergy / food intolerance. Some of these children may have unrecognised gastric reflux symptoms.