Peanut allergy has become a serious food allergy that is increasingly common. A large proportion of the children who are allergic to cow’s milk or egg are also allergic to peanuts, so it is important to check for peanut allergy in children with eczema, especially if they are being breast fed.

Peanut allergens can get through into breast milk

Peanut proteins and peptides can easily travel through the breast milk and affect the baby – the telltale sign is bright, red, scaly, rough cheeks that won’t heal. It shows up clinically much like the egg allergy. Children should not be given peanuts in the first years of life as it is such an allergenic food.

Skin prick tests are an excellent way of detecting a peanut allergy. RAST test will also detect a peanut allergy.

Children with strong family history of allergy, especially if they have eczema, should be skin tested for peanut allergy.