There is a vast amount of information to learn about food allergy | intolerance.
The eClinic is set up to help you through your own individual health problems, especially to find out if it could be a food allergy/ intolerance.

However, many of the topics that we have covered in this section will help you.

What eBooks would help you?

We have created a series of eBooks that give a lot of information that you might find helpful.
Here are the descriptions and the links to “Smashwords” that distributes these eBooks.

The Gluten Syndrome: is wheat causing you harm?

Cover for 'The Gluten Syndrome: is wheat causing you harm?'

Short description

Gluten suffers now have a name for their problem: The Gluten Syndrome. A must read book for patients and professionals. Dr. Ford explains how/why gluten can affect you; why tests for celiac disease often miss those ill due to gluten. This book goes “outside the gut” and shows how every body part can be affected. It harms brains and nerves. Sick, tired and grumpy. This book will help you.