Gluten: ZERO Global – Gluten is bad for us all

Dr (Professor) Rodney Ford MB MS MD FRACP Medical doctor, Gastroenterologist, Allergist, Pediatrician, Gluten expert.

“Gluten: ZERO Global” states the hypothesis that gluten is universally harmful. Dr Rodney Ford will present the latest evidence in his new book, which will be launched on his speaking tour of USA, Sept/Oct 2012.

Gluten: ZERO Global

Dr (Professor) Rodney Ford says: “Gluten is bad for us all!”

Yes, you read that right – bad for you, bad for him, and bad for everyone else!

By implication, this means that the whole world should avoid gluten.

This is a bold statement to make. But he believes there is now enough evidence to demand massive changes to our diet, our farming practices and food manufacturing industry.



Gluten: universal harm

Dr Ford will present the evidence that gluten is potentially harmful to everyone.  But he is not alone in endorsing this idea: many other medical/health professionals have also reached this conclusion, supported by growing research evidence of widespread gluten-illnesses.  This has created a huge market for gluten-free foods.

Global gluten-zero diet

The widespread adoption of gluten-free-life is a food revolution based on the personal health-experience of millions.
Dr Ford predicts, that in another generation, gluten will be rejected by most reputable food processing companies.
This is a difficult truth for many people to accept because wheat products is the very foundation of our diet. To discover that our basic food is harmful is a shock.

The purpose of the presentation of “Gluten: ZERO global” is to present you with the hash evidence that everyone, including you and your family, should be zero-gluten.

Rodney Ford Itinerary of USA tour September/October 2012.

Here are the details of the Gluten: ZERO Global speaking tour.  Please contact the organiser for more details. He will present the case that gluten is bad for us all – this would justify a gluten-zero world (a limited number of the new print book will be available at these presentations).

Seattle, Washington  – September 15 with Dr Stephen Wangan
Speaking time: 10am to 12pm Saturday.
Venue:Auditorium at the Valley Medical Center in Renton
(contact Dr Wangan ).

Bellingham, Washington  – September 16
Speaking time: 2.30pm Sunday
Venue:CTK Community Church, 4173 Meridian St. Bellingham
(contact Kelle Rankin-Sunter 

Portland, Oregon – September 18
Speaking time: 6:30 pm
The Mittleman Jewish Community Center. (MJCC)
 (contact Lisa Shaver, ND

Salem, Oregon   – September 19th
Speaking time: 5.00 – 8.00pm dinner and discussion.
Venue: Marco Polo restaurant (Gluten Free)
(contact Nadine Grzeskowiak

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada – September 21 -22
Speaking time: 10.15am  1.30pm afternoon workshop – both days.
Venue:Red Deer College, Alberta.
(contact Valerie Van Gelderen

Madison, Wisconsin – October 1st
Speaking time: 7pm (with GF dinner before hand)
Venue: American Family Insurance Training Center and Auditorium, 6000 American Parkway. Madison.
Ripon, Wisconsin – October 2nd
Speaking time: 5:30 – 7:00pm (to be confirmed).
Venue: Ripon High School, 850 Tiger Drive, Ripon, WI54971
(contact Al Klapperich

Little Rock, Arkansas  – October 4th
Speaking time: 6:30pm
Venue: St. Vincent’s Hospital
(contact  Sherri Clay

Tucson, Arizona – October 6th
Speaking time: 1pm.
Venue: Westward Look.
(contact Kim Peebly

Palo Alto, San Francisco, CA –October 13th HealthNow Seminar
Speaking time: Seminar all day
Venue: Crown Plaza hotel in Palo Alto, CA.4v4
(contact Dr Vikki Petersen

 I look forward to meeting as many people as I can.  Together we can create a Zero-guten world.