Expert second opinion

Expert Second Opinion eClinic

Expert Second Opinion eClinic

The eClinic is for people who are not yet diagnosed, or people who want a second expert opinion. Once you have had all of your tests, and have a definite diagnosis, then you have already done much of what the eClinic can offer. But having said that, many eClinic customers have been very appreciative of getting my second opinion.

Common food allergies

Doctor Rodney Ford is a food allergy expert. He helps diagnose and manage food allergy and gluten problems. Gluten, wheat, peanut, egg and milk are the most common foods to cause problems. It is important to get fully investigated. Get the right tests and the right interpretation. Get well again.

Only paediatric allergist in the South Island

Dr Rodney Ford is the only practicing paediatric allergist in the South Island, New Zealand. His mission is to help as many children as possible to get rid of their allergies. To do this he has written a series of books, including the one on eczema: “Eczema! Cure it!”

In this book he tells you the 10 “secrets” of how to cure your eczema.

He has also created The eClinic. This is a clinical process, that now helps people, globally, to work out how to diagnose and manage their food allergies | intolerances | gluten problems | celiac disease.


You can get an expert second opinion from Dr Rodney Ford who designed the eClinic.