Skin-Prick tests crucial diagnosis

Doing Skin Prick Tests by Dr Rodney Ford

I do skin-prick tests on most babies and children who I see in my Clinic. Why?Thomas’s mum said: “Knowing what foods to avoid, by the skin tests, made the world of difference.  As soon as I cut eggs out of my diet (I was breastfeeding) his skin cleared up.” Skin-Prick tests crucial diagnosis In my Clinic experience, skin-prick testing for foods is extremely useful. In fact it is crucial for diagnosis and understanding the problem.  I have … [Read more...]

Gluten Legs – common cause of eczema

Gluten Legs Before Diet

When I first started my career as a Paediatrician, I used to feel dread when a child like this, with severe eczema all over his/her body, came into my clinic to see me.  Back then I didn’t know what to do.  I had been taught (by dermatologists) that the only thing to do was to prescribe creams, potions and steroids, in the hope that this might help – and if it didn’t help, well, just carry on with the same advice, with more of the same, or … [Read more...]

Complexities of a gluten-challenge

Slices of bread for a gluten challenge - Dr Rodney Ford

The Question: “How long you would recommend doing a gluten-challenge for before I get my blood test done?" "I have been gluten-free for over a year, but now I'm into my second week of the gluten-challenge (my GP said it needs 3 weeks, at 2 slices of bread a day) before testing for the gene and for anti-TTG antibodies. I'd rather stop having so much gluten as soon as possible, but without risking an unreliable diagnosis. Thanks"The … [Read more...]

Dry scaly cheeks eczema

Eczema Dry Cheeks

Dry scaly cheeks eczema This baby is getting dry and scaly cheeks: an early sign of eczema. Sometimes her cheeks flare up bright red. She is being breastfed, and mum was concerned that this could be a food allergy. I was asked to see her. Her skin prick tests showed up positive to milk and egg.  Small amounts of these foods are getting through her mum's breast-milk and causing her cheeks to become red and uncomfortable. Dry scaly cheeks: … [Read more...]

Eczema: Yes! You Can Cure It

Eczema: Yes! You Can Cure It ebook by Dr Rodney Ford

Did you know that foods are the missing the missing piece of the eczema puzzle?Eczema: Yes! You Can Cure It. Foodsby Dr Rodney Ford MD MBBS FRACPDr Rodney Ford gives you the 10 steps to solve the eczema puzzle. He will help your eczema go away!Food reactions often cause your eczema / dermatitis Find out how to identify these triggers.Learn about a Proven System For Curing or Healing Eczema by Finding What Foods Are Causing … [Read more...]

Eczema: Gluten and Wheat

Eczema: gluten and wheat ebook Dr Rodney Ford

Hi, I am in the process of completing my next book: “Eczema: Gluten & Wheat – The Missing Pieces. It is not yet available.My schedule is to have it published as an Kindle eBook by August 2015. So look out for it! Eczema: Gluten and Wheat Send Your Personal Story please:I am keen to add your personal stories if you want to tell them to the world. You can do that by Personal Messaging me on facebook, or by sending me an email. If you … [Read more...]

Gluten-ZERO-Diet: change our language

Dr-Rodney-Ford ZERO gluten

My recommendation is to change the gluten-language that we have been using. The term "gluten-free" has been used for decades.  However, the meaning of words ‘gluten-free’ have been diluted.  It almost has the connotation of ‘not-much-gluten’.  It has the suggestion that ‘a-little-gluten-does-not-matter’ or ‘you-are-free-to-give-up-gluten-if-you-want-to'. I see so many parents who say that their children are 90-95% gluten -free.  But for excellent … [Read more...]

Posting blogs to Facebook

Dr Rodney Ford When gluten ZERO

Hi, I have written a great many articles, and I have decided to start posting blogs to Facebook. Initially sending this information to the Gluten-Free-Planet (glutenZERO) Facebook page, from my website: I will be interested in feedback.Constantly there are new insights to be experienced. The Gluten ZERO life is a journey, with ups and downs. People new to the concept of gluten-free feel overwhelm, and anxiety; people … [Read more...]

FREE ebook Crack the Food Allergy Maze

Dr-Rodney-Ford Crack food allergy maze

Do you want an expert to help you understand food allergy/ intolerance? Well, this eBook is written for you - so that you can get to grips with the possibility of food allergy/ intolerance. FREE ebook Crack the Food Allergy Maze Dr Rodney Ford has spent his career in medicine helping people overcome their food reactions. He is a gluten and food allergy expert. He has found that in his Clinic, their are lots of people are very confused (and … [Read more...]

Web Site upgrade of eClinic

Please note: March 2015We have again upgraded the whole of the eClinic website. There could still be a few gremlins/bugs in the changeover - we have our team working on this. We will be making it an even better, and low-priced experience.We have kept the fee to just US$9.99, so that lots of people will have the opportunity of getting their individualized food allergy/intolerance help.(we charge a fee to pay for the running of this … [Read more...]

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