Imagine if you could help other children get medical help, every time that you paid for an eClinic service. Well you can!

Worthy cause

Every time you pay for an eClinic visit, you also give other children health and medical services. A proportion goes to our worthy cause to cover ONE MONTH of a child’s medical expenses.


DREAMZ Home was started to provide child beggars, destitute kids and orphans a decent & healthy life simultaneously making them responsible & well-behaved members of the society; platforms to live lives as other normal children do.

Your donation (which will be paid out of your eClinic subscription) will cover ONE MONTH of a child’s medical expenses (inclusive of medical check-up, treatment and medication). Regular check ups and treatment are very important to take care of the health of the kids.


The DREAMZ Home was started with a mission to accomplish the following: isolating child beggars from their families that force them to beg on streets, accommodating destitute children in deep crises, and helping children of poor widows. Now these children require medical assistance. They will thank you for your participation.


Buy1GIVE1: share the joy of giving

Our giving is organised through Buy1GIVE1.
Join a world full of giving. Giving is right at the heart of Buy1GIVE1.

But not just giving – it’s sharing the joy of giving through the magic of Buy1GIVE1 transaction-based giving, every second, every day and in every way.

Admin costs already paid

The eClinic has paid for all of the administration costs associated with this giving. This means that 100% of your donation has gone to this worthy cause.

See more details at Buy1GIVE1