About Dr Rodney Ford

Associate Professor, medical doctor, paediatrician (children’s doctor).

As a child’s doctor, he sees and helps with a wide range of child health problems and illness. He investigates and helps children who have chronic health problems. Sometimes their symptoms turn out to be food intolerance, food allergies and nutritional related conditions. He fully investigates and diagnoses these sorts of problem. He is the Director of The Children’s Clinic | Allergy Centre

Dr Rodney Ford is a paediatric expert on the problems on child health, food allergy, respiratory allergy, gluten-sensitivity (the gluten syndrome), celiac (coeliac) disease, and gastroenterology problems.

He is also a professional speaker, and provides nutritional consulting services to organisations.  He gives seminars and workshops (the Energy Effect) on the value of excellent nutritional health, on food allergy, eczema and “the gluten syndrome”.

Dr Rodney Ford has over 30 years clinical experience as a Paediatrician, Gastroenterologist, and Allergist.

Dr Ford’s Qualifications include:
  • Associate Professor (University of Otago, Christchurch School of Medicine).
  • MB BS (Honours, NSWU).
  • MD (Doctorate in Medicine).
  • FRACP (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians – in Paediatrics).
  • ASM (Accredited Speaker Member of the National Speakers Association, NZ).

MD THESIS: Ford RPK. “Food hypersensitivity in children: Diagnostic approaches to milk and egg hypersensitivity.”  NSW (Australia) 1982.

Dr Ford’s vision

“Abundant Health through conscious eating”

“Through my life of working with sick children and their caring families, I have discovered that eating right food matters.  I believe that “abundant health” can be achieved by anyone who eats the appropriate foods.

By “conscious eating” I indicate a person who understands what they are eating and why they are making specific food choices. Under these conditions they make a conscious effort to buy the appropriate foods for themselves and their family.

Appropriate foods are a combination of  “healthy choices” and also having the knowledge to avoid the foods (and additives!) that are making you unwell.”

In my vision I see
  • An increasing knowledge of food problems.
  • A broad recognition of food intolerance/allergy in the community.
  • Children (and their families) helped throughout the world.
  • Happy healthy vibrant children.
  • Children who had sore tummies and headaches, feeling better again.
  • Children who had learning and behaviour issues, getting back on track.
  • Doctors understanding that children do not need to suffer from most chronic symptoms.
  • Parents understanding that “naughty” can be a way of children expressing a problem that needs to be solved.
  • The eClinic helping millions of people back to full health.

I ask you to join me so that we can make this vision become a reality.

Thank you!

Cheers, Dr Rodney Ford.